Zostavax and Varilrix

21:05 24 July in Family Practice News

Chickenpox & Shingles   vaccines are available at the practice. From 1 July 2017, chickenpox immunisation will be free for all children at 15 months of age, plus a catch up at the 11 year immunisations for those who haven’t had chickenpox.

The shingles vaccine is for adults and reduces the incidence of shingles by up to 70% in adults over 50. It is a stronger formulation of the childrens vaccine. It is unfunded by the Govt.

Shingles is a reactivation of chickenpox and causes a sometimes excruciatingly painful rash.

Both vaccines are live weakened versions of the chickenpox virus, and cause only minor side effects.

Cost is $75 for children and $215 for adults inclusive. You can book with Mary, our practice nurse,  if you would like protected.