Friday 14.1.22

18:45 14 January in Family Practice News

The next few weeks are looking at being difficult for primary care throughout NZ. Staff are on holiday, 3rd booster shots are rolling out and vaccines for 5-11 year olds will be starting. At present there is a lot of good intentions but few details or plans in place, so please be patient while the Ministry of Health sorts out all the issues. We will be ready to go once we have supplies and the necessary IT functionality for the childhood vaccines.

Have a listen to some excellent advice from Professor Rod Jackson below, from Auckland University, regarding Omicron. We should all be preparing to isolate with adequate supplies, have our booster shots, and wear N95/P2 not cloth masks.

Visa demands for Immigration are at unprecedented levels, due to the new Residency 2021 Visa category We have a wait of several weeks at present , please be patient and dont phone to check when you will be seen, as we work our way through the backlog.

On a positive note we have our new Nurse Suzette starting in the next few weeks, she has moved from Tauranga to sunny central. Andrea our practice nurse is beginning her training also as a Nurse Practitioner, so we will be ready to serve our growing town.

Dr Rod Jackson Clip 1 on Omicron (starts at 9 minutes)
Dr Rod Jackson Clip 2 on Omicron