Weekend Clinic Changes

01:59 06 April in Family Practice News

From this weekend (7 and 8 April),  “walk in clinics” are being held at each medical centre ,on a rotating basis. This weekend Junction Health, 1A Trader’s Lane, Cromwell are on duty.

The clinic hours are 10.00am to 3.00pm. No appointment is necessary. Outside the clinic times patients should phone their own GP surgery where the call will be picked up by a call centre with nurses who triage the urgency of the call. Visitors can phone any of the clinics.
Please note that higher charges will be incurred at these weekend clinics.
Dunstan Hospital does not have an Accident and Emergency Department, do NOT present straight to Clyde. Please phone your GP, come to a clinic, or in the case of an emergency dial 111.

Flu and Shingles Vaccines and arrive

Flu season is upon us, contact us for a free flu shot if you are over 65 or have heart or chest problems. It is also very useful at preventing flu in children who have higher rates of infection each winter. Cost is $25 if not eligible for a subsidy

The shingles vaccine is now free for 65-80 year olds.


AED Now on site

We now have an automatic defibrillator on site, in addition to the ones dotted around town.